2 days before Christmasssssssss.

I love my fellow bloggers, but still. Guys. Come on. I read about bloggers complaining about hearing too much Christmas music, or being surrounded by so many fairy lights that they are getting headaches, or the fact that they don’t want to go out and socialize with the mad hoard of happy celebratory people. 

Now let me depict my wonderful life. I am at home. I have been stuck at home for the past five days straight!  Cabined, cribbed, confined indeed! My family working together in th e same business means that they work every single day of this holiday, save two days on Christmas day and the day after. This means 0 companionship, 0 transport resulting in 0 Christmas gifts. Sorry. Nothing I can do.

Even better, my house is undergoing some delightful reconstruction meaning bang, bang, bang throughout the day whilst everyone is banging up everything and fixing and being all Bob the builder but in African form.  There is no festivity found in this house AT ALL. My parents are Buddhist and being the only Christian, this basically means no presents, no celebration with fine cuisine and liquor, no Christmas decorations or lights.

Basically, what happens on Christmas is that I wake up, and realise that the house is deserted because my parents have left to go play golf by themselves. (quite similar to today’s scenario.) I woke up today, taking some pictures of my pet dog whilst clicking the heart on Instagram for all my friends happy days at London carnivals and beach fun.

So, everyone, let us remember what Christmas is all about. I don’t really know.

Anyways, just appreciate, and be happy!


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