Healing invisible scars

I believe that I am the luckier one of this relationship. I am the one who initiated the breakup, although I might not have been fully prepared for the consequences. I am trying to be understanding to the best of my capabilities. The last day, two days after our breakup, one of his friends acted rudely against me. We have always been quite teasing with each other, but this time he bumped me on his way out of class. How rude, and terribly immature. I must be understanding though, I imagine I would do the same should my friend be going through the same thing though. It’s sad, however, when your friendship with someone automatically is reduced to nothing because of an externality that does not concern them at all. 😛 Oh well, what can I do. Luckily we have this Christmas break to be able to smooth things over, though I imagine that cold stares and awkward exchanges will continue long after. This is another reason why I believe that dating should not be public, where people judge and tell you what to do or what not to do; when it DOES NOT concern them at all! At all, madrefokkers.
But anyhow, chin up, buttercup indeed.
You did the right thing.


Healing invisible scars


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