Emotional Face

Facebook, you’re bugging me. I admit, you’re quite cool now that you ask me different questions every time I log on, but this question? I could unleash a whole load of angry, sappy statements that would turn the cold world of virtual ‘friends’ against me.
How am I feeling?
I’m feeling downright crappy. Listening to Ed Sheeran, confused as to whether I’m hungry or not, contemplating to whether I did the right thing or not by breaking up with my ex, suffocating by the fact that my best friend likes me but I cannot return the favor, annoyed that my orange nail polish is from the local fleamarket and I had to paint 4 nasty coats on for it to produce any color, and realizing that I am probably cranky from the lack of food, so I’m going to go scavenge the kitchen for some source of satisfaction; at least my body can get it. 😛 haha.
I will feast on cocopops whilst waving the spoon in an angry Moroccan ritual dance to Kiss with a fist- Florence and the Machine. Jokes, I know not of any Moroccan dance?! o.O


Emotional Face


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