Juge pas. (Judge Not.)

My lovelies, it’s finally Christmas. It is going better than I expected – rather than being bored by myself at home, I am bored over here at my sisters. Anyway.

Scrolling through the reader, I noticed some blogs and stumbled onto one that basically scorned some bloggers for showcasing their personal issues.

Now, we all blog for very different reasons. Some do it to illustrate their mad cooking abilities, beautiful (and sometimes very strange) photography and write travel envious travel guides; whilst the majority of us just want to express whatever emotions we are feeling, be it positive or negative. Negative self image, most importantly, is a very touchy subject, and judging one on that, especially when many of these blogs are anonymous, is a very touchy thing to do.

Bare in mind, bloggers, that we ourselves are not perfect. None of us are. This is just a fact that we have to come in terms with. This means, that we cannot judge anyone, and it saddens me terribly when I see derogatory racial terms being thrown around and negative judgements on personal issues are being dished out so carelessly. Words cut deep. Try pouring some acid into that wound, for some extra flavor. 

and  that is all.


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