Hi, ex. or not.

I saw him at school today. I guess it was his first day back, and of course I ran into him as he was walking into school, just my wonderful, beautiful luck. I was surrounded by my classmates, all hurrying to our languages class. He was still tall, still towering over everyone, he still wore the same red shirt that I had grown accustomed to, searching for it in crowded rooms, he was still, him. He avoided my eyes. I avoided his. There were twenty people between us, but the space between us felt narrow, and when he turned away it was a slap in the face. I saw him multiple times throughout the day, it’s funny how when we were dating we didn’t seem to see enough of each other, yet now it seems like fate keeps clashing us together. 😛 Stop it, fate. I will kick you.

He lives right next to my school. I was going to my friend’s house who also lives right next doors, (Ryan) with Miguel to print the cover jacket for his mixtape that he made for my friend, Sacha. I looked back, and I saw him there. He was looking at the art department, obviously he had seen me too. He laid back, waiting for me to disappear, and I did.

I did.


What the hell is this. From everything, to nothing. From lovers to strangers. From friends to awkward acquaintances. 

Will this feeling ever go away? I don’t miss him anymore, and I know I made the right decision. But this awkwardness is intolerable. Will things get better? Will we be able to meet each other’s eyes, level, and raise the ends of our lips to a warm, accepting smile?


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