Emotional Meltdown

Maybe it’s a release from the first week back at school where people break down and can’t hold onto the things that have been bothering them for the past few months any longer. Luckily, I am friends with many of these and as I listen to their sorrows in a supportive manner and try to find reasonable solutions, my heart grows heavier and heavier and now, I am ready to take a chill pill and just cuddle with my puppy on my bed in a fetus position.

Stahp. I kid. I love it when my friends confide in me, because even though it’s sensitive business, I like to know that I’m dependable and should they face anything in life, anything, that they want to talk about or need to vent about, I am there for them. Problems with girlfriends, problems with parents, identity crisis? I’m all about that life.

Besides, I have a blog to vent on. 😉 




2 thoughts on “Emotional Meltdown

  1. I wish I had people to confide in, it isn’t like I don’t have friends, or a really good relationship, but sometimes I feel I am just weighing others down with a burden they don’t need. Or like nothing good can come of truths spilled for seconds of relief. Plus my feelings change and grow so much, I don’t want to say something for it not to be the same hours later. I’ll read your vents.

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