I was chatting last night with my friend on facebook when I idly clicked over to see whose birthdays it was- when I realized (in utmost disbelief and embarrassment) that it was my sister’s birthday today. Yes, I have really gone down to that level. It’s terrible, the important things in my life have deteriorated to the point where I can only remember anniversaries thanks to Facebook. Oh, how old me would scorn new me. Blurgh. So here I am on a Sunday morning (which is quite a cool day for a birthday), desperately trying to complete an English assignment that was due yesterday, whilst listening to the moans of my puppy wanting some of my attentino, and weighed by the fact that I don’t have a present, and there is nowhere I can get one with my situation in Zimbabwe. My luckiest bet is going to the fleamarket and picking up some African attire and cheap nail polish. Oh, how she would love that. 

PROCRASTINATION! >.< I have to figure out what Wilson Owen did in 1910. Lovely.


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