Getting Down on Colleges

Being a junior feels like a brick repeatedly being thrown, picked up, and thrown again at my brain, telling me to grow up, stop being so immature and take more initiative. It’s a burdensome time, especially as we become closer and closer to becoming seniors- and then graduation! I am quite excited for what my future will hold, and I’ve been digging around online, looking for good international colleges that teach in English in Korea. So far, I’ve found Yonsei Underwood International College, which in Korean standards, is like the Yale of Korea. I will strive to get in there. No matter what. #inspired.

Meanwhile, I am being bogged down with all the crap that is required in IB. My school’s organization with the provision of basic school books, utensils, or course management is just terrible, and all in all I’m just appalled with this whole situation. I am so inspired right now, tomorrow I’m going to hang out in the library after school with my friend and do some homework and sh*t. OHHHH YEAH. Shit just got real. 

Yes, yes, meanwhile, deep down I know this whole post is an object of procrastination. ALLALAALA. Get my shit together. College. Legoo.



3 thoughts on “Getting Down on Colleges

      • I go back to school on September 4th, so right now I’m just trying to juggle summer reading and catching up on math. I mean seriously who gives Wuthering Heights and the Dangerous Liaisons (among many others) to read to a 15 year old? x)

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