Highschool Junior Life, college and preparation

I just thought, since I am so overwhelmed and overly satisfied with the amount I’ve achieved today in terms of my future, I would brag about it a little and see what other people are doing. I must (regretfully) admit though, that most of these achievements are rather monetary, compared to what I’m sure the rest of the world’s juniors are doing. Oh well. This is what I do best, blowing some cash. (That’s what she said.) 

(No, that’s immature.)

Today, I got a place in the SAT’s exam, the mock exam, paid for the extra lessons offered at my school and bought the Official SAT Study Guide. (which looks to be pretty basic and useless, atm.) I feel like I’m getting somewhere with the course of all that needs to be done for me to go to college, (UIC, I’m praying) and though the studying part is still yet to be done, I just thought well, this feels pretty great. If there are any juniors (11th graders) or other highschool students reading this, how far are you on your preparations for college?

Besides that, the coolest thing I did today was ride Miguel’s scooter (which he rode to school on, fully dressed in a suit and tie for his Model United Nations conference) around, and shaming all the young ‘uns with their lack of style in their choice of transportation from one class to the next. 

Life doesn’t get any cooler than breaking the rules and cruising in style.




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