I hate myself the most when I cry. I am too emotional for my own good. Something happens and I can’t help having my tears streaming down my face. I can’t stop it. I want it to stop. I need to harden the fuck up. I hate this part of me. I wish I could cut my tear ducts off.




6 thoughts on “Tears

  1. It’s a way to express yourself, crying. I hate the fact about me I sometimes am not emotional at all. Sometimes I want to cry so bad, but I just can’t. Maybe we can exchange?
    Don’t be frustrated about crying, it is a good thing and makes you feel relieved, doesn’t it?

    • Yeah… But I don’t want this to be my expression. I like expression that I can control, not be a sniveling uncontrollable fool.
      Thanks anyway, it’s good to look at different perspectives. : )

  2. Each time you cry, you do so because you have the courage to feel intense pain. Many people refuse to do so and the consequence is that they never learn anything. Crying is a sign of strength, not of weakness. Each time you cry you become stronger, you’ll see.

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