Beep Beep. Update.

A great deal of new, unexpected things have happened to me, and some involve night clubs and alcohol. What a blast! That experience really brought some perspective into my life, but a whole ‘nother trail of headaches as well- trying to deal with people’s responses with my unexpected actions. 

Well, sorry then.

But more meaningfully, I went to Joburg with my sister this spring break, and it was our first time really to go on a trip just the two of us- and probably the last for a very, very long time. (Personal reasons.) It was a cherish able trip and close to my heart because we really bonded in a big way. We were also blessed enough to buy what we wanted and eat what we wanted thanks to the generosity of my dad. (My mom doesn’t know we went.)

And well, that is all.

I am so behind with all my work, and I honestly have no idea where all spring break went to. I have an Econ commentary, English IA, French and Math quiz and French essay to worry about.

This sucks. I’m off to work.


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