“Write loud and clear about what hurts.” alotoffucksused

I’m in a really fuck-all mood right now.  Why is music nowadays so terrible? It’s extremely irritating to listen to mindless repetitions.

The root of all this misery is the fact that it’s the fucking holiday, and yet I’m not allowed to go out and hang out with my friends. It’s the nearly the end of my two fucking months of holiday, and this entire time I haven’t done ANYTHING with any of my friends. But now I’m not allowed to go because I’m “mad,” “irresponsible” for even thinking of going out when I’m supposed to be studying. FUCK YOU!

I don’t feel like fucking studying now, so I’m not fucking studying now.

Chaining me inside my house isn’t going to suddenly make me studious or inspire me to become a scholar. It makes me want to seize living. So fuck you.



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