Beginning of the End – 12th grader and going back to School!

Why hello there, sultry being. For those of you attending international/American schools like moi, it’s nearly time to return to the pit that you escaped from, and especially if you are entering your senior year, comme moi, you will know especially the deep sinking feeling of anticipation and dread as you await the final climatic year, that could possibly determine where you go to university and all in all, your life (if you believe in that kind of natural process in life.) This post is just really targeted towards any teenager, messing around on his/her blog or the internet. If you happened to stumble onto here, apologies. Because it’s real talk. SCHOOL IS HERE. If you’re a high school student/about to join the glamor of high school, read on. Image

My opinions of high school and what highschool is supposed to be like according to movies is radically different. I did not imagine high school to be anything like this. I thought I would be different, be bigger, be more important. I thought if I was a senior I would get privileges and be all important and say big words. This is not the case. I don’t feel any different that I was in 9th/10th/11th grade. Undoubtedly, there are certain things I have learned on my long (and futile) journey here – some things I want to kindly jostle into any young readers before they enter into the ‘real world’ of the highschool clique.

1. Darlings. There are no secrets in this world. You told your best friend who you’ve know all through middle school something immensely private and personal to you. Well, let’s just say there are going to be conflicts. There are going to be temptations. And secrets will oust. The best way you can really keep your secret is to keep it to yourself. Unless you’re being abused or are hurting. Then never be by yourself.

2. You are going to have different friends. If you happen to survive the entire high school curriculum with the same group of friends, then that’s an incredible blessing and great on yeah. And I mean friends. Not your click/posse/adorer group (I know you have those). Friends that are genuinely…friends. I had to learn this the hard way, and it’s often hard to uproot yourself from an environment that you are so familiar with, so you end up ignoring the wrongs of your friends and turning the other way. Please don’t this. You deserve so much better, and there is someone out there for you. Don’t stay with someone who eats you or hacks you down. Have the courage to say no and walk away. This is something I wish someone had told me when I was going through this.

3. Be ready to forgive. Because yes, ALOT of drama goes down in these mere four years, and all you have to know is to be tolerant and forgive.

4. Don’t let the whole world know everything about you. Don’t vent on the internet and other social medias.  Yes, I know I might sound like a hypocrite, but truth be told, no one who actually knows me in person knows about this site so WADUP. This is just crass. If you really MUST post a picture of you on your night out, just keep it to the lights and your face, not you and your legs grinding up on some guy. Not that I know what that is.

5. It’s not the end of the world. You’d think four years is going to pass by really quickly, and looking back at it, it does. But when you are actually living through the days, you don’t remember much of the trivial things. You don’t remember that girl who chose to self dye her hair pink with food coloring at home, or which girl was bold enough to get a belly button but you didn’t. Things go away, and everything is but a passing fad. No one cares. Really.

6. You are not a number. And then again, days go on, and you begin to wonder who you are and what the point of everything is. There is life beyond high school. It’s but a transition into your real life.

7. Appreciate what you have. Your amazing friends, who will make school really just worthwhile. The subjects that you are good in, and the ones you enjoy taking. Focus on the good, because that’s just a thing you need to have in high school as you pass and you fail. (Both acadmemically and socially.)

8. Please show self respect. Don’t fall for everything and be one of those girls/guys people think pityingly, “Oh honey.” Educate yourself. Go home and research. Don’t be left out of the loop.

9. Be open minded. Take things as they come, and if you really must have a judgmental opinion on something, then do it to yourself. Words spread, people switch sides, and you’ll be left in the dirt.

10. I’m really excited to be a 12th grade hobo. Possibly the thing that I envied the most about seniors was their style. No one seems to care in my school, and actually wearing sweatpants and pyjamas to school is a trend that shows that you are a powerful senior who’s too busy for you being swagful/studying/ready to leave this town.

Besides that? Yeah. Good luck.



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