It’s only been four days since I’ve been back at school, and I must admit Senior Year is not quite cutting it.


Being in the IB program, nothing has really changed. Same classes, same friends, same everything. There are so many things that I have to now manage, handle and submit it’s crazy.

I don’t know.

It isn’t that great.

I’m constantly trying to find the good in each day, in each moment. It’s truly, truly quintessential when entering the most challenging year of your academic life. It’s truthfully not all that doom and gloom. There are several things that I’m remarking about myself, which is quite pleasing actually.

I’m more confident. I started wearing sleaveless tops now, something that I’ve refrained from doing for the earlier 17 years of my life due to my insecurity with my arms. Now, I realise that I’ve been wearing tanks nearly everyday.

Not very earthshaking, but this is a memorable thing to me.

Also, I’m no longer intimidated by teachers who I constantly felt like running away from, I don’t care about little children and carry myself with self importance. This is not being conceited. I think I fully deserve it, because I’ve done my part groveling in the scrutiny of elders. I’m a fucking senior now.

So Swerve.

Hahahahaha. Peace.


Senior, betch.


2 thoughts on “Senior, betch.

  1. Haha I’m starting school in a few days too, (just a sophomore though) and this is the first year where I feel like I’m actually going to hate it. So much work, hypercompetitive peers, I’m not sure what’s going to keep me going. Congrats on the confidence boost though, and thanks for sharing!

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