Baby Blue

Happy Friday evening from on-site campus, another day spent in the temples of academia. This morning I woke up happy and content, rolling around in my freshly washed sheets and marveling at how utterly relaxed and blissful I feel from those few extra hours I was able to catch after a long (but surprisingly short) week of readings, meetings and hours of raging hunger. It was a good week. I had anticipated it, as I scheduled meetings both professional and casual that I had not done in a long time. I understood Maslow’s theory on needs. I get a high from being with good people, no matter how quick my thoughts and emotions traverse from aloneness and loneliness. It is raining outside, and I see my quirky literature professor going home with his blind dog. He is wearing a at that has a hole on the top, exposing his gleaming head. People are strange and wonderful. All I can say to describe this moment is in hues of baby blue.


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