Korea: Gwanganli Beach and Dadaepo Beach, Busan

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When I first came to Korea, I made an obligatory trip to the second biggest city in Korea, Busan, where I was born and raised till 3, and most of my family resides.

My cousin (who shares a whopping 16 year old age gap with me) treated me to lunch at a bustling double story cafe right in front of beautiful Gwanganli beach. The toast, omelette and sausages were reminiscent of home, and the atmosphere was relaxed for couples and families. On the beach, there always seems to be a lot of functions, such as beach volleyball or mini music concerts going on. I think it will be useful to check the events out to determine which ones you want to attend (and similarly, what to avoid!)

As night began to sweep into the sky, there was a sudden emergence of many provocatively cladded young women and men, who were probably looking to have an enjoyable evening in the notorious line of bars and clubs.

 Meanwhile, at Dadaepo Beach they were hosting there Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams festival, an hour long water show, dancing flamboyantly to some of Korea’s most known and beloved tunes.

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  • Free admission
  • First come first serve seating
  • Relaxing, magical and perfect for chasing the heat away!
  • Public transport most convenient as parking can get crowdedIMG_0083

Teenage Angst…especially going onto college

Hello reader, most likely another teenager like me. Life is getting a little tough huh? Suddenly there seems to be a wave tsunami of forms that need to be filled out and outstanding curriculars that need to be recorded. At least, that’s the way it feels for me. I’m at that stage of my scholarly (haha) life where I am pretty much susceptible to all forms of negative influence, and I admit I’m not the brightest little sunflower seed out there nowadays.

An event that triggered this post was my recent toefl + sat exam results. My grades are really good in comparison to the standards of the US or the average school, yet I am incessantly being told that I’m not doing my best- that I can do better.

Now how possibly can I argue about that? Thing is, it’s getting real hard to get a compliment around here. I truly thank my family for believing me that much that they believe that I can push and be one of the best, but repeatedly I get that sinking feeling that my good just isn’t that good enough. 

I guess, what I’m just saying is that encouragement would be a bit more effective with approval and praise. Or perhaps I’m being a spoilt brat about this all. Who really knows.

So, for all my seniors to be, spending waaay too much time on the internet and watching/reading too many series, I salute you. Because even though we may guilt trip ourselves that we are wasting our time by not studying or that we haven’t got the best grades that we can possibly get, we are young. We are teenagers, years full of angst and indescribable joys that we can never possibly get back. So, viva la jeunesse! (hahaha that barely made sense) so yeah. To hopes, and to sorrows. May we find happiness.


(Any teenagers wanting to share their struggles/joys of studying feel free to comment below or send me a message!) 


Perfection Strife

It’s really, really just too hard to be perfect, and to try to keep up to people’s standards all the time. Let go, sometime. Do what’s good for you. You deserve it. Trust me.


Perfection Strife


Keep your head high-

but don’t forget to humble yourself too.


Keep your head high-


Because I experienced Love at First Sight.

Since the majority of you reading this is blessed with quick internet, play this song whilst reading this- I found a boy by Miss Adele. Okay, end of bossy moment.

One of my guy friend’s oooold friends came to visit from Australia this month, and something about meeting him makes me feel like my life has irrevocably been changed. Although I am a firm believer (as firm as a confused teenager can get!) of getting to know somebody to truly start developing feelings for them (because personality can be a major turn off, I’ve learnt.) But meeting this guy, and spending time with him has been amazing. I am in love with his easy going attitude, his love for his pets, his passion for his dreams and most of all his wonderful, wonderful chivalrous ways. 


So ofcourse- This is my first draft of my emotional musings- hehe

It was kind of perfect.

And being with you,

Meeting you,

Opening myself up to you

Made me realise

That the world

That the poetry

Is not based on the lucky few

But every human is open

And will experience this atleast once in life-

When you meet someone

And everything


Has changed.

I remember that night

On board to your house

When you reached out your hand

And caressed my face.

I remember that night,

When I piped up the courage to come sit next to you

And you helped me pull the chair out.

And all night long- my right was warm,

For your left handed ways meant we were constantly touching.

At dinner’s end,

When you held the umbrella for me 

To shield me from the rain

My heart beat against my chest,

as the raindrops did with the pavement.

I remember tonight,

When you held the cords of the television

So that I could continue dancing. 

I remember before the parting

When we took a picture

And you had your arms around my shoulder, 

And mine around your waist;

And I was pressed against, 

And I smiled a genuine.

The cars pulled in

It was time to say goodbye,

I hugged you long,

I squeezed you tight.

Because if there was anything in this for you too,

I swear

In that moment 

We were infinite.


Beauty Turned Away

In a world where everyone is just trying to prove themselves, make themselves memorable, not be forgotten, many might find themselves looking in the wrong direction.


Beauty Turned Away



I had my first ‘real’ boyfriend this year, and as silly as it looks with the quotation marks, that’s exactly how I felt in the entire relationship, ultimately leading to our breakup.
I’m glad I took the plunge though. Sometimes I find myself too strange, or too normal to ever open myself up to someone. Something which ultimately triggered the opening of this blog.