House Dreams

I have the vision of things that I want to own someday, and one of the most important is a house. I love interior decorating, and I thought I’d begin scrap booking here. 
My personal style is more wooden, pastel and feminine, but I’m sure my preferences will change as I grow older and see more designs.

These pictures are from a house captured in Lower Portland, converted from a church into a home. (religious puns!)



Firstly, I love the simplicity and the harmonious contrast (oxymoron) of the white and the wooden textures seen in the details on the walls and the floor. The unique shape of the bath tub reminds me of a flower vase. Not really sure how comfortable it is, but the visuals are pretty on point. 


The little space outside the church/house with the dainty little hammock and couches just look perfect for a relaxed read in the sun.Image

Again, the simplistic design of this house, with its wooden feel and fun pop of colors makes it all the more interesting. They have chosen to use a bench instead of individual chairs at the dining table, which I feel was a good conscious choice.Image


Again, the elevated wooden flooring, the intricacy of the furniture (that parrot lamp though!), the tropical detailing and the highness of the ceilings brings about an open, refreshing look.

What do you think?