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I wrote a poem.  I’m at a crossroads in life, and no doubt overwhelmed. Enjoy.
Clearly, your feet have not dipped past the ivy crusted rims

Feeling the soft tickling of forgotten mosses,

They’ve meandered through the clattering shells clinging

To rounded flowers opening and closing before you.

They have not waded between the fluid roads revealed and at end

In the sky wandering round and straight in their wondrous Milky Way.


Where have you rested your head, those days you believed it was softened moss?

Whose breath did you let caress your face, what purple did you make your shade of nightingale?


They turn round eastward, towards instinctively home

The auburn sky is ablaze and you are there,

Feeling nothing

But still teeming, seething and afloat.

The chasms spread before, thinly sunk into worn crevices,

Peeling skins off of the age old trees and the heaven dense auras

The valleys and its hidden villages are to be pillaged

Only by those ravenous in the mouth.

A donkey bears the laden fruits of your search

And together you make it to the hole

Where you bury the hatchet, and leave the memories under

The skies fondle a home in the murky waters below.

Your sister is both there and already in the wind,

Faces sunken, but never lost.

Well done, the deed is done.

Whatever you have seen,

The losses you have carried,

The tragedies you have committed in both your name and others,

The slandered will rest easy tonight.


When the night falls, and you offer your soul to the pits,

You are free, and free of burden.


Perfection Strife

It’s really, really just too hard to be perfect, and to try to keep up to people’s standards all the time. Let go, sometime. Do what’s good for you. You deserve it. Trust me.


Perfection Strife



I think this photo is just stunning. Flaws are just part of who we are- and how can one decide what part of you is a flaw or not?
You’re not perfect, no, but I think you’re beautiful.





When someone opens up to you enough to seek some advice, instead of giving the usual, clichéd crap, why not try to really sit down, and help them out? Who knows, something beautiful may come out of it.




alltheloveabove ->> greatdisadvantage. *tears up*

I am about to cry. In a moment of pure idiocy I changed my blog name to greatdisadvantage, and my alltheloveabove link is gone. Poof. Luckily, the content is still there in but this, really, really, breaks my heart. Just thought I should let everyone know! x