Monthly Favorites

April’s Favorites

I’ve always enjoyed favorites. It is like living vicariously through others and learning about the best in life without having to go through the trial and error. I’ve been thinking about blogging again for so long (and I think I’ve created about 3 other channels in the meantime) but I think I will continue on with this one, just because it contains all my high school angst and I feel a certain attachment to it. Kicking (back) off the blogging journey, I’m going to share 5 of my favorites from last month. This year I’ve said yes to a lot more things and it’s opened a whole lot of experiences and introspection.

  1. Infinity War. I came out of that movie feeling wrecked from dispelling excessive emotions. While I have contrary opinions to some of the previous ones, Infinity War had me a little broken especially as it affected my favorite team, the Guardians of the Galaxy. At this point I imagine everyone has read it but I’m going to keep it PG and say that being confronted with the movie poster, with all their smiling faces outside the theater was a little too soon. Definitely watch.
  2. A quick and strong read is the book Please Look After Mom by Kyungsook Shin. This book has been out for quite a while now and an international bestseller, and I’ve been meaning to read it but whenever I picked it up I knew that it was going to be emotional dense. It is about a mother who disappears one day from the station, and how it affects the rest of the family emotionally. It was a really quick and easy read, but it made me want to drop my phone and call my mom multiple times. It also contextualizes heavily in the Korean context with certain words and cultural concepts, and I loved it. I feared that the translation would do away with these elements, but the message rings true for any background. I closed the book feeling a little angry, a little sad, and a whole lot of emotions.
  3. ‘Stupid Love’ Musical. I got lucky and got my hands on two tickets to a small musical near my school. It was a delightful love story about holding onto the ones you love in the times of uncertainty, as time will pass by anyhow but it’s all about how you make the moment count. Here’s the trailer: . The Cast was really talented and really pulled it off in their multiple roles, singing and dancing 20180411_195826.jpgand really enjoying themselves. More than the cute message, I marveled at how a group of passionate creatives can pull off something together. The other weekend, I met a multi-talented actor at a house party, and admired his passion as being his driving force. It gives me a little spark of courage to pursue what really drives me too.


4. Junkilla Concert:  I got lucky again, and my friend interning at Sony Music kindly invited me to the album launch concert for Junkilla. Held in a small white cube decorated with long palm trees shaking under the neon lights, I got the opportunity to dance near the front. The duo were really down to earth and answered existential questions like “what are your passions?” with nonchalant answers like “I was inspired by the food I was eating.” They were promoting the release of their ne20180420_211547.jpgw single, Daydream linked here: Junkilla MV. It’s a happy-go-lucky tune and I had so much fun with my friends dancing in the empty club with my friend, long after the party was over and we only had one undergrad DJ as oblivious to us as we were to him. A holy communion of beats x body.

5. Big Magic Podcast. I absolutely loved the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of international bestseller Eat, Pray, Love. I read that book like I was trying to suck up spilled milk. It was raw, authentic and inspiring for any creative contemplating how to live life while living your life. I came across the podcast, and I was delighted to hear that she has a voice as beautiful and calming as her written voice. In each podcast, she calls someone who is seeking advice on their creative lives and careers, and the mature way she listens and responds to each applicant is therapeutic. I end up smiling wildly in almost every podcast, and it is my go-to when I am commuting or need some inspiration to get back to work. Elizabeth Gilbert also connects creatives in unfamiliar fields, such as photography, with industry experts. My favorite was when she connected a creative trying to document the post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by war veterans with Humans of New Yorks’s Brandon Stanton. She handles every situation delicately and is a bundle of inspirational energy, and highly recommend it to anyone thinking of doing a passion project.

I realized that I am going to be spending one more semester in school. While it was daunting at first, I’m excited to be able to pursue some projects of my own before I leave the warm embrace of school. I am excited to see what life has in store, and am learning what it means to keep swimming and making that lemonade.

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It’s Ridiculous

…That it’s taken this long for me to post anything on here. Ri-dic-ulous. I am proportionally ashamed of myself because I’ve been busy with moving to a new city and applying for exchange and falling in love and all that. When I start reflecting on my 2015, I can identify all the new joys and richesse that has stripped me of my routine and the hobbies that I identify with myself. Another year has passed, and voila, I somehow find myself here in 2016. Time is unwarranted. It keeps going whether you take hold of it or not.

Currently, I am back home in Harare, Zimbabwe after spending almost a year and a half alone in South Korea. It’s great to be back. A couple of nights ago I met with some of my highschool classmates and it felt good to be able to talk about the powercuts and the ridiculous requirement of you having to go fetch the firefighters AND provide them with some water in case of fire. These are the little ideosyncrases that I can only fully enjoy with these special peoples, because explaining to any others will only result in gasps of shock or sympathetic ‘aws.’ It’s a sad state, but there is so much more to life and richness to our lives that cannot be enveloped by pitiful headlines that makes the international news.

The last year I believe I’ve changed a lot. I have more concrete ideas and beliefs on the things I feel passionate about, and have found more confidence in standing up for it and defending my position. I’ve also made important steps, participating in the little joys of being an adult and leaving my nest. I’ve lived about a year alone now in my own apartment, experiencing the infinite freedom of dancing around only in my underwear, to wishing death upon myself for leaving the food waste rubbish to last minute. I’ve learned what it means to fall in love, the ups and the downs, and what it means to share yourself in a way a little different to before, how it’s been with my family or any of my friends.

As I sat down at my desk, jotting down all the new years resolutions I made (e.g. STOP PROCRASTINATING. FIND 3 HOBBIES AND STICK BY IT. (FIND AN EXERCISE ROUTINE DEMMIT etc), I realized that all these things really amounted to one thing. Call it an idealistic existential crisis if you will, but this is the year I really want to discover myself. Get really in tune and more importantly comfortable with who I am and who I want to be. When I look back in 2016, I hope I can nod and be really satisfied and marvel at my spiritual and emotional growth. Already a lot is in store for me–I’m heading to Australia for a semester of exchange. How did I even pick this country from all the other options? Simple. I was inspired by a vlog I watched, I did some research and I was inspired. I put it as first choice. Surprisingly, I got in. So that’s what it is, I guess.

This is another thing that I’ve come more to terms with me. My carefree personality. It used to stress me out not knowing what I was going to do and always felt guilty about making big choices on a whim rather than the meticulous check lists and research that my friends delved into. But as I say, hey, it’s gotten me this well this far. It must be work pretty well for me!

I hope to write more often.

Cheers to that, and to the new year!



HRE Zimbabwe// Day amongst the flowers

Confession: I have a strong affinity for flowers. So imagine the delight when I finally returned home to Zimbabwe for a sunny winter, quite different from the shivers in Korea! I visited the local organic market held nearby my house where the ordinary parking space was dotted with homemade pastes, cookies, meringues…homegrown flower pots and all the sort!



Passed by a beautiful flower shop in Arundel village that’s been open all throughout my childhood




Right next door, in a beautifully quaint cafe we ordered some deliciously frothy chocolate milkshakes and croissants filled with fresh vegetables. An aesthetically pleasing day all round.


100 Things to do in Korea (a constantly evolving list-edited!)

Hi everyone! So it has been 2 weeks since I moved to Korea for varsity. The whole reason why I chose Korea to spend my varsity years in was to really explore and grasp the culture and the core to my existence. My nationality. I have yet to decide whether this really is my ‘home’ to which my friends and strangers refer to when they enthusiastically assure me: “Oh, you’re going back to the motherland.”

I decided to create an evolving list of things that I want to do in Korea, not only to explore the land and the people and the culture but to also revel in my identity and get a full grasp of who I am, and what my place is in this world. This post will be edited to add new things that I want to do, and check off the tasks that I have achieved. Anyway, here we go.

1. Attend a large scale sporting event, choose a team, wear there gear and support like my heart and soul depends on their rock and roll.

2. Speaking of rock and roll, attend a music concert where I can veni, vici, and rave.

3. Attend a lowscale, indie concert preferably in a small, dimly lit basement with strange drinks and fascinating people. Probably somewhere in the vibrant college town of Hongdae.

4. Take a profile picture in the famous Cherry Blossom festival.

5. Go backpacking in the authentic beauty of Jeju Island.  Also refer to goal 36.

060551_110901015106 imgres images f77a95c8191219dd369a38f8a5820b7a

How majestic? It is described as : the “Island of the Gods,” and is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and foreigners. It remains the top honeymoon destination for Korean newlyweds, and is also regarded as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.

6. Learn another Asian language: this is not something particular to Korea, but what better chance to learn a neighboring country’s tongue? I’m thinking of Chinese.

7. Visit the World’s biggest church: Yoido Full Gospel Church here in Korea! I wonder what the sheer magnitude of the congregation will feel like. All people gathered to Christ. 800,000 members. Also, the biggest cathedral in Myeongdong.

8. Visit the Seoul Museum of Art. 

url Let’s see the formal collection of art.

9. Visit the only Kimchi museum in the world. I love Kimchi. Which also happens to be situated at COEX. I love COEX. COEX Mall is the largest underground shopping center in Asia. Just so you know.


10. Do a Temple Stay. Not going to do this for the religious value, but rather to experience a (forceful) time without any electronics or outside distractions. I also feel like it’s something that you can wholly experience in Asia.

11. Boryeong Mud Festival. It looks super fun to have full blown mud fights and have mud therapies.

12. Visit the Cheongyecheon River. Apparently a common landmark amongst Koreans, I still haven’t had the chance to go.


13. Seoul N. Tower. Another Seoul landmark that I haven’t been to–this one includes writing my name on a lock, including my boyfriend’s name and throwing away the key, symbolizing our eternal love. I think I’ll save this for a future lover.

14. Han River. Cycle along it, drink a beer or two with friends.

15. Visit the Charlie Brown and Hello Kitty cafes.  url-1 images-4images-3

16. Go to the Owl Museum because I once had an infatuation with owls and the scars run deep.

17. Be more athletic and take up some form of sport, even the ‘lazier’ kind, – yoga.

18. Visit Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village.

19. Floating Island, as described by, is “located near the southernmost part of Banpo Bridge, is the nation’s first-ever artificial island that floats on the surface of Hangang River. The Island is comprised of three flower-themed islets, Visat, Viva and Terra, with different functions.” That sounds pretty high tech and mystical at the same time.

20. Nami Island. Apparently a popular dating location, this small island, rumored to be stunningly beautiful has tried to maintain as much of it’s ‘natural feel’ and have even built telephone poles underground.

21. Lotte World: largest indoor theme park in the world.

22. This looks really, really interesting.

23. Pentaport Concert. International Rock Concert? Seems like it’s definitely my thing.

24. Silent Disco in Hongdae, where you put on headphones and rock out to the music only in your head.

25. Visit all five of Korea’s historic palaces…and take lots of photos.

  • Gyeongbokgung
  • Changdeokgung
  • Deoksugung
  • Changgyeonggung
  • Gyeonghuigung

26. Drink Soju/Beer/eat Ramen at one of those convenience stores, just like they do it in the movies. Hahaha. Not the grandest of plans but.

27. Visit the UN memorial in Busan, paired with extensive research beforehand.

28. Have tea at a traditional tea house… and be part of the original tea drinking experiencePreferably with the chrysanthemums. Love it.

29. Get some banana milkApparently this is something pretty rare in other countries? Lemme at this delicacy.

30. Visit the DMZ. One of them perks? *sarcastic laughter*

31. Write on the walls of some famous cafe because I’ve seen some speciality restaurants do this and I want to leave my mark!

32. Spend a good few hours (or all day) at Haeundae Beach.

33. Same for Dadaepo Beach.

34. Watch a 4D movie.  (I ended up watching the Martian and decidedly swore to never be so foolish ever again)

35. Work at a book cafe/study cafe.  Get them study vibes.

36. Attend the Jeju Canola Flower Festival. Refer to goal number 5.

37. Snap some photos at the Trick Eye museum.

38. Go biking in the city. Any city.

39. Attend the annually held mega electronic party – UMF

40. Watch the Script live!

41. Take a stroll through beautiful Seoul Forest.

42. Lock a love lock at Namsan Tower

43. Volunteer at an orphanage/welcoming foreigners campaign

44. Travel to Japan

45. Travel to 3 other neighboring countries

46. Go road tripping …in a caravan

47. Maybe first go sleep in a tent pitched in Han River

48. Go to a waterpark and feel confident about it.

49. Learn how to make pottery

50. Learn how to drive (and get that international license!)

51. Earn a unique certificate 

52. Publish a photo journal

53. Open an AirBnB

54. Learn how to make 5 traditional dishes

55. Join an internship of choice

56. Adopt a dog/cat.

57. Learn about Korean art history and visit famous pieces.

58. Watch one of those TV programs, live as the audience.

59. Watch a movie from a car underneath a bridge somewhere.

60. Take the 내일로 train and travel around the country.

61. Create something as an ode to the city, be it a book/movie/magazine.

62. Participate in an art fair.

63. Learn how to make Kimchi.

64. Join an international/expat hobby group.

65. Sell something, be it in an open or online market.

66. Participate in a conference that is held in a hotel. (Like the one last week where Obama came to visit.)

67. Learn more about Korean politics.

68. Get that TOPIK (Korean Language) Certification.

69. Discover an unexpected and quirky part of Korea.

70. Create/participate in a social project that benefits a community.


This list is on going and edited frequently 🙂


College Stresses.

Here it hits again. Feeling of utter confusion… I feel lost. What am I going to do with my future? I don’t know why I’m getting this sinking feeling again… I mean, I just crawled out a steamy bath that smelt delightfully of rose petals. (Truth be told, I forgot to open the bathroom windows and nearly passed out haha). I have somewhat decided that I want to go to university in Korea, despite my dad’s urges for me to go to the States. 

I am so confused about the many colleges in Korea that do or do not offer courses entirely in English. I want to stay in Seoul, but many of these courses are outside it. I also worry about how well I will adjust- I know there is a tendency for Korean students to have a thing against international students (for they are getting somewhat of a benefit for living abroad, for sure.)

How will I adjust, for I am headstrong and proud, and refuse to be controlled by others? I know that in Korea there is a lot of submission to those older than you; but that’s not me. I am a strong believer that you earn the respect that you gain.

Where am I going to go, what future does it hold for me, how am I going to make it?